Katarzyna Gruning

At Studio Qulinarne she combines all of her passions. Enthusiast of original tastes and exotic travels which are the source of her culinary inspirations. Previously, she was successfully running a design studio. The new, beautiful interior of the old garage where the restaurant is located is her own concept.

Ziemowit Owczarz

Ziemowit Owczarz

His passion is modern cuisine, based on family traditions. He constantly searches for new structures and flavors using fresh, local and seasonal products. He has been connected with Studio Qulinarne since 2013.
He gained experience under the supervision of such Chiefs like Paulo Airaudo (*), Felice Lo Basso (*), Diego Rossi (*), Giacomo Monzali.


Krzysztof Kocierz

Krzysztof Kocierz

Vice Champion of the Polish Sommeliers Championships and third on the podium of the Polish Bartenders Championships in 2009. Participant in, among others, the Best Sommelier of the World Competition by the Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) in Rome, and the International Spanish Best Sommelier Competition (UAES) in Malaga. Member of the Polish Sommeliers Association since 2007, and the Polish Bartenders Association since 2008.


Dominika stronaDominika Kitowska

chwistekMagda Zbrzeżna

Agnieszka SikoraAgnieszka Sikora

Kinga koziełAnna Kurkiewicz


Tomasz Zastrzeżyński
Tomasz Zastrzeżyński

Grzegorz Pietrzyk
Grzegorz Pietrzyk


ChwistekBarnadetta Chwistek

Michał ZakrajewskiMichał Zakrajewski

Ziemowit OwczarzZiemowit Owczarz

MadejUla Madej

Mateusz BiałożytKonrad Kos

Mateusz BiałożytMateusz Białożyt

Jacek NowakJacek Nowak